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Teaching parents around the world about holistic healing processes and mental health tools to help raise mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy children while saving time, money, and health.


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Hi, I'm Karina Klepach.

I believe that every parent has a right to live and parent in freedom, and that means freedom of choice in how to support your kids in health -physical & mental. Holistic Parent Academy provides parents with trusted information and practical tools to help raise healthy in mind, body, and spirit children for a better future. 

We can only do this through an approach that uses however many means it takes to heal not just the problem itself but the whole person experiencing that problem. That is why you will learn about Nutrition, Mindset, Energy, and Neuroscience to help you parent in the best way possible.


"Karina has a gift that inspires growth - she is kind and compassionate and comes from a place of real life experience, fostering positive changes in her own life. I was in emotional chaos and stagnation before I started working with Karina. She provided a lens through which to perceive challenges differently, gaining self acceptance, and a path to self confidence. Finances are often tight, but I quickly realized the skill in which Karina was able to pinpoint and support my needs in creating new pathways to change old habits. I was really taken by Karina's compassionate & keen ability to see beyond my emotional limitations, trusting and emphasizing the hidden strengths I couldn't see for myself. She helped me to move through the stagnation I was experiencing, and taught to celebrate daily, both small and big achievements. "

Coaching Client

"Karina is a consultant whose clients make massive changes in their lives. Through a proven repeatable system she assists her clients in transforming key aspects of their lives so they can create a life they really love. Karina’s heart-centered approach supports her clients to grow and succeed. She can strike a unique balance of active listening and evocative questioning while sharing of transformational principles and personal stories. I highly recommend Karina to anyone seeking to transform their results."

Life Mastery Consultant

"Yesterday I had an opportunity come before me and I immediately knew, this is something I must attend. I told right then, I need this. I am going. Without even contemplating, I committed. It was a “Vision Workshop for Moms: for those who are wondering how to bring their dreams from their heads into reality, and move them toward clarity.” Let me just say. I am so happy to be a part of this. Karina has the passion and heart to get you on the right path towards your dreams. My heart is full. My determination is on fire. I truly needed this wake up call and I am so grateful.” "

Live Workshop Attendee

"Thank you, Karina! Your help in developing my own tools and sense of empowerment is changing my life, and that changes my world.” "

Coaching Client

"Words cannot describe my gratitude for Karina's coaching! Since we began our lessons, my life is 180 degrees different than where I started. I have peace in my daily life, even during the busiest of times (I am a medical professional). My business has quadrupled in clientele, my income has increased five-fold. and my life gained new purpose."

Coaching Client

Does your child have a recent injury and you feel like there's more you can do to help them heal, but...

...feel lost and overwhelmed with so much online noise about alternative healing information?

I get asked by worried parents all the time what resources and tools I use to help my pre-professional dancer heal from injuries and how I get her through emotional struggles during that time and after. And that's because for almost 14 years I've been able to help my child heal naturally from autoimmune issues to broken bones, as well as to help her learn skills to win over anxiety and depression during & after the health challenges.

For the first time ever, I'm sharing the precise process we used to naturally heal a broken bone injury in 5 weeks.

With confidence, I can say this process saved us a lot of time, money, and mental anguish. We were able to put the injury behind us completely within 2 months, not years like many injured athletes and dances suffer!

If you're done struggling to keep looking for more and more information so that you can stop wasting precious healing time and get your child on the way to recovery faster, then access the short video with a step-by-step pdf with precise resources and process.


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Holistic Parent Academy believes in the power of natural healing of our bodies and minds, that we personally are more in control of our well-being than any entity, and that we have a right to seek ANY available healing modality we choose for ourselves and our children. Infinite Life Mastery and Holistic Parent Academy coaching and information are intended for educational purposes only to help empower parents of the available choices. The information here is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, medical treatment, medication, or therapy. Seek the advice of your physician or qualified mental health provider with any questions you may have regarding any health symptom or medical condition. Holistic Parent Academy doesn't prescribe medications or serve as a substitute for professional advice. The holistic approach to healing includes ALL possible options that can help you or your family be well, so don't disregard professional psychological or medical advice or delay in seeking professional advice or treatment because of something you have read on the Infinite Life Mastery & Holistic Parent Academy website or associated materials.


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