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Parenting Genius: Are YOU Parenting From Fear?


Back in Spring and Summer of 2019 I did a series of webinars on parenting, called "Parenting Genius -How to parent without losing yourself" and "Parenting Genius -How to be in control without being a controlling parent."

I couldn't believe how the concept AND the solution remained the same!

Yes, life and parenting have been very different in 2020, but the solutions are actually the same. As I go through my coaching calls with clients, our conversations return to the basics.

I hope that this video (albeit long), will help you see things in a different way and give you inspiration to try a different approach.

If you need help in handling a challenging situation, do not hesitate to seek support! There is no merit in struggling through it alone. Wasting time on 'trying to figure it out' is not serving you or your family. We as moms need to step out of that old belief and into new, connected reality -that we really ARE all in this together.

If you need expert support, schedule a call for a FREE initial consult. I do not sell anything at all, and don't even make you part of any mailing lists. My mission is to empower moms in being best versions of themselves and to raise future change-makers (because our world could use a few ;)



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