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The Only 3 Tips You Ever Need For a Life-Long Connected Relationship With Your Child


Nearly every parent I talk to these days "mourns" the times when they felt connected to their young child. Let's face it, the past 3 years have been rough on everyone, and especially for some of you parents whose kids grew up from kid to teen! What happened to my chatty kiddo? All I get is "good" and "ok" at best, and often "you don't get me" and "no."

In this video I give you 3 essential tips that are guaranteed to turn your distant relationship around, so listen to the end.

Every human wants to be seen and heard. That is how we KNOW that we are loved. It is not rocket science and we can go deep into psychology and neuroscience to get a deeper understanding as to why this is the case, but ultimately it is a safety mechanism of our brain and body. It allows us to know that we belong, that we are not alone, and that we are safe. Children are the same as adults -they are also human, remember! In fact, they need even more reassurance in love and support than adults because they don't...

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How Mary Poppins Changed Parenting Culture


Just in time for Mother's Day, I wanted to give all mothers a gift of LETTING GO, a gift of freedom from the cultural norm of the debilitating concept of a 'perfect parent.' There is no more known book or film on 'perfect parenting' than Mary Poppins. She enters into a family just as nonchalantly as her way of parenting settles in our subconscious. For decades, this idea of a perfect parent has been perpetuated throughout societies. I think it is time to look at how our parenting paradigm (aka template) has been NOT serving us.


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Two Simple Steps to Transforming Fear into Peace


F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real is an acronym you can use to help move yourself from grappling hold of this 'oh too common' emotion into peace or gratitude. In this video we will learn what this emotion is and how to get out of the 'Fear Funk' when this emotion takes a hold of you.

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