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The Only 3 Tips You Ever Need For a Life-Long Connected Relationship With Your Child


Nearly every parent I talk to these days "mourns" the times when they felt connected to their young child. Let's face it, the past 3 years have been rough on everyone, and especially for some of you parents whose kids grew up from kid to teen! What happened to my chatty kiddo? All I get is "good" and "ok" at best, and often "you don't get me" and "no."

In this video I give you 3 essential tips that are guaranteed to turn your distant relationship around, so listen to the end.

Every human wants to be seen and heard. That is how we KNOW that we are loved. It is not rocket science and we can go deep into psychology and neuroscience to get a deeper understanding as to why this is the case, but ultimately it is a safety mechanism of our brain and body. It allows us to know that we belong, that we are not alone, and that we are safe. Children are the same as adults -they are also human, remember! In fact, they need even more reassurance in love and support than adults because they don't...

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How Mary Poppins Changed Parenting Culture


Just in time for Mother's Day, I wanted to give all mothers a gift of LETTING GO, a gift of freedom from the cultural norm of the debilitating concept of a 'perfect parent.' There is no more known book or film on 'perfect parenting' than Mary Poppins. She enters into a family just as nonchalantly as her way of parenting settles in our subconscious. For decades, this idea of a perfect parent has been perpetuated throughout societies. I think it is time to look at how our parenting paradigm (aka template) has been NOT serving us.


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Two Simple Steps to Transforming Fear into Peace


F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real is an acronym you can use to help move yourself from grappling hold of this 'oh too common' emotion into peace or gratitude. In this video we will learn what this emotion is and how to get out of the 'Fear Funk' when this emotion takes a hold of you.

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Parents -stop ruining your future relationship with your children by trying so hard to be the perfect parent!

Here’s why: our notion of ‘perfect parent’ is oftentimes based on the pre-existing belief of how things should be. Culture plays a huge part in that belief system, and so do our personal experiences.

In the context of pandemic and with all the stressors & challenges that came in the past nine months -our old notions of what “perfect parenting” is needed to be seriously reconsidered.

I feel fortunate for having been on the ‘perfect parenting reconsideration' path for years before COVID hit. Yet, it did test me, my sanity, and my relationship with my daughter. Here are the ultimate survival tips:

Reconsidering priorities again and again.

To sort out the priorities ask A LOT of questions. Here are some of them to get you started:

  • Is it more important for me to have my child sit through 6hrs of online schooling, while melting her brain (and mood), OR is her healthy mind more important to me?
  • Is it more important that my 10 year old spent more...
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New Year just started, but you feel like you're ready to throw in the towel?

Don't despair! First, you're not alone! Second, here are 6 basic tips to get you out of the funk:

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Parenting Genius: Difficult Topic of Bullying -Part 1


In this video I'm starting to scratch the surface of one of the most challenging topics for parents to talk about -bullying.

The essence of this topic is that bullying a multi-layered problem and people usually try to solve it by handling only one layer.

This video is more of an introduction of initial things to consider as a parent when faced with handling this topic with your kids.

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Parenting Genius: Parenting in Chaos


I keep being amazed, but not surprised that the tools I was teaching in 2019 are coming more and more handy during the chaotic times of pandemic!

Here is another gem where we discuss the topic of parenting through chaos, the tantrums, and the "I don't wannas...."

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Parenting Genius: Are YOU Parenting From Fear?


Back in Spring and Summer of 2019 I did a series of webinars on parenting, called "Parenting Genius -How to parent without losing yourself" and "Parenting Genius -How to be in control without being a controlling parent."

I couldn't believe how the concept AND the solution remained the same!

Yes, life and parenting have been very different in 2020, but the solutions are actually the same. As I go through my coaching calls with clients, our conversations return to the basics.

I hope that this video (albeit long), will help you see things in a different way and give you inspiration to try a different approach.

If you need help in handling a challenging situation, do not hesitate to seek support! There is no merit in struggling through it alone. Wasting time on 'trying to figure it out' is not serving you or your family. We as moms need to step out of that old belief and into new, connected reality -that we really ARE all in this together.

If you need expert support, schedule a call for...

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Why Should Moms Have Coaches?


I tried to have this video to be 2min or less, but realized that there are just so many awesome reasons that I couldn't cut the video too short.

At the end of the day, only WE have authority on us. No matter what I say or anyone says is not the 'law' in our personal development and certainly not in parenting.

I wanted to make this video for moms who are going through challenging time and feel like they're on a brink of loosing their mind or just their composure. You can certainly do it all alone. And you can also do it with help. Neither is shameful or "the right way." These are just 2 of many ways of how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Hope this video opens up some new perspectives for you or someone you know.

~Keep on learning and keep on being even a better version of yourself than you were yesterday~


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