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2/23/21 12pm -Parenting During Challenges: How to Motivate Kids despite Online Learning -Zoom (registration closed.)

3/3/21 5pm -Parenting During Challenges: Emotional Intelligence Introduction Workshop for High Tech High Media Arts parents -Zoom (registration closed.)

4/1/21 10am  -Holistic Parenting During Challenges: Emotional Intelligence Workshop -Zoom (register here to receive a link.)

4/8/21 10am -Holistic Parenting During Challenges: Social Interactions after pandemic homeschool -Zoom (register here to receive a link.)

4/15/21 10am -Holistic Parenting During Challenges: Technology and our kids' brain Workshop -Zoom (register here to receive a link.)

5/8/21 -Busting Myths about Self-Care: What Self-Care Really Means and How to Do It The Right Way. Webinar.

July 2021 -Holistic Parenting Webinar where you'll learn: how to use Holistic Parenting to raise successful, resilient, and confident kids; secrets from coaching industry and others to accelerate your personal AND parenting success; and a lot more. Register here:

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